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How do I exist in this world. We all know excluding some that our existence is for a reason. The very reason is itself bringing a reason to our lives, to this world that impacts other lives and the very way our own lives. We all are same, equal, even the very word 'same' would direct there's still a bit of difference, so, the better way to say is, everyone we find, look around, that surrounds us is actually we and no one else, nothing more than the mere reflection of our very own formed by different circumstances, different situations.. environments; just say a different for every condition. Just like a result of particular out of infinite statistics or probability. Just look yourself at the mirror and than a cracked one or even at a reflection on a green bottle of wine, Cheers! Very different but you know who it is, given the proof being indifferent to u'r conscience and belief. This world is a GOD's lab of experiments to himself, well, not directly but in the form of us. Humans or even other beings lets say; as it is stated in every religion, we are no different to him. "We are him but he ain't us", the reason religion brings fort that GOD asks to surrender under him. I don't even know if this GOD as stated by our today's Scientists as 'Aliens' or more of a being we can put our knowledge. But currently what humans are mistaking is taking this sentence to understand in vice versa, "GOD, we are no different to him but he ain't us."

There was a major news in Science world that however the great 'Albert Einstein' seemed to age, his brain never aged irrespective to how much the hair turned grey. Fascinating always was his ability to write multiple papers of new theories, discoveries where others would find a lifetime to accomplish one findings. Whatever the human scientific community boasts of progress & science, it's just plainly nothing but based on the principles these man from the past made. Today's man, made nothing new.. the word we describe to 'innovative'.. just adaptation. Since than nothing of that revolutionary have arrived to the eyes of mankind.

There's something of this theory comes, we are 'hybrids' originally of the being of this earth with something else. Just like our own tendency to recreate something like ourselves.

There is GOD but more than just aliens. His existence can't be understood with human's tool for flesh, blood or even elements we know from the periodic table. Or maybe GOD can be someone from higher dimensions.

Every great discoverer that changed the route of mankind has a common story. Their discovery came in closing their eyes, like Albert Einstein who felt moving in the speed of light in space and got to a place where he attained knowledge or the great mathematician Ramanujan who found his from dreams or even to the discovery for the the structure of Benzenze, sort of like downloading data as we do in computers. And there's some secret experimental field in every competing country like places in Russia, China and even the America's you might heard 'Area51'. They believe that there's some place in space where there is all the knowledge ..information, stored like cloud data.

That's brings one reason forward that most of the beings on Earth are roaming like Cellphones in offline mode. The basis of religion like Hinduism's Srimad Bhagavad Mahapuran ...Srimad Bhagavad Gita.. The Testament.. are all designed nothing more than to make man to the state as being in 'Online Mode' from the present 'Offline Mode'. When 'Religion', lost it's surface than came a new name 'Spiritualism' and all these stuff that was basically a design with concept to provoke man from seeking outside but to bring realisation through seeking inside to open our minds.

Now, when all these are to be believed doesn't it seems ridiculous to spend 20yrs of first education and than through tests reach almost 30 than there's a carrier than bla ..bla ..bla when we know what is our life expectancy. The repetition for every generation to start from A, B, C's.. The competition like life though never ends as a horse in race. The modern life as we term is basically modern version of religion; repetition & adaptation. It's like humans are no different to animals. Basically, when one stops… one is out of the race… food, shelter, community everything's gone away. And Mr. Hitler's favourite quote "Survival of the fittest" is in every step rather than 'Death', death rather have changed its meaning to that. 

Old age, when one realises, one have gained only for the reason to lose. And that quote finally shows its mark when one passes away of old-age, death though already occurred when one was disqualified from the race.

GOD, 'm know you are the first visitor to read my mind and so understand further than my own self. Such a understanding doesn't occur in every life. As always, I seek you.
… GOD bless us.
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Art is one of the places I believe GOD is felt.

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